Roberto C. Báez M.


Roberto is a Venezuelan ProducerFilmmaker and Designer with a tendency to merge these forms of art into his projects in creative and innovative ways, while retaining a passion for detail and high quality standards.

About me

I like to refer myself as a Producer, Filmmaker and Designer because it sums up the areas I feel passionate about, from creating environments that transport people to a backstage world, to producing a short film that speaks of a passion, a feeling or an inspiration. However, if you’d ask me to choose just one word, it would be ‘storyteller’ because for me, it always comes down to that: telling a story.


Working, experiencing and learning around many fields of arts and entertainment has led me through a career in which I’ve been able to understand how it all can come together to fulfill an ultimate goal: make people feel something. And I want just that.


My aim is to keep learning and working with passionate artists and professionals in pieces that make people feel identified, understood and inspired. Basically, orchestrating and circling back those same feelings that helped me build the person I am now and the person I want others to look up to.


Resume & Brief

These are some brief documents to summarize my profile in a single file.



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