Micro Sesiones de Invierno Vol. 1

Backstage June 8th, 2022 Buenos Aires, Argentina 111

BTS of Collective photoshoot in support for homeless people.

In this collective photoshoot, Krisey Valentina arranged for people to have the opportunity to donate clothes for homeless people in exchange for photography portraits made by fellow photographers in support of the cause. In this occasion I was one the BTS photographer along with three main photographers and about 10 supporters who brought clothes for the cause.


Main Photographers:

Gustavo Jaiyes

Julián Bertero

Krisey Valentina


Backstage Photographer:

Roberto C. Báez M.



Marco Antonio Ciocca

Yelzin Lopez

Johnny Carrasco

Joseline Guanipa

Dana Gorgone

Carlos Medina

Sofia Bethou

Lourdes Lezcano

Julio Dieguez

Maria Jose Toledo

Laura Martinez

Gladysmar Arcaya

Rosario Alvarez

Ricardo Guzmán

Lucía Gonzalez

Denise Vinker

Victoria Cesar